White House official says Conley misrepresented timeline of Trump’s diagnosis

After Dr. Sean Conley created significant confusion on the timeline of President Donald Trump’s diagnosis, telling reporters Trump was “72 hours into the diagnosis now,” a White House official said Conley meant that Trump was on Day 3 of the illness.

The official said the diagnosis was made Thursday night, making Saturday the third day into his diagnosis.

The White House official also said Conley misspoke when he said Trump had been administered a Covid-19 treatment from Regeneron 48 hours ago. It was given to Trump later Thursday night, according to the official.

The timeline of Trump’s diagnosis is important.

Trump notified the public that he had tested positive just before 1 a.m. Eastern on Friday. He held campaign events on Wednesday and Thursday.


The questions Trump’s doctor evaded at the Walter Reed briefing

Dr. Sean Conley, President Donald Trump’s White House physician, dodged several key questions Saturday as he briefed a small group of reporters outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where the president is being treated.

  • Has he been on any supplemental oxygen? Conley was pressed several times to answer this question. He repeatedly said Trump was not receiving oxygen Saturday morning and eventually said, “Thursday, no oxygen, none at this moment, and yesterday with the team, while we were all here, he was not on oxygen.” Conley, however, would not say whether Trump previously received oxygen at the White House.
  • When was the president’s last negative test? Conley said he’s “not going to get into testing going back.”
  • Has the president had any lung damage? “We’re following all of that. We do daily ultrasounds. We do daily lab work. The team is tracking all of that,” said Conley, who, when pressed again to answer the question, said he wouldn’t get into their findings.
  • How was the president infected and when did it happen? Conley declined to answer these questions.
  • What was Trump’s fever when he had it? Conley said the president has been fever-free over the last 24 hours. He said Trump had a fever Thursday into Friday but he would “rather not give any specific numbers” when asked for Trump’s actual temperature when he had the fever.

McConnell announces the Senate will not return until Oct. 19, Barrett confirmation hearings to go on as planned

After news that three GOP senators tested positive for Covid-19, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced in a statement Saturday that the Senate will not come back into session until Oct. 19. 

“On Monday, I intend to obtain a consent agreement for the Senate to meet in pro forma sessions for the next two weeks. Previously-scheduled floor activity will be rescheduled until after October 19th,” McConnell said. 

The Senate had originally been scheduled to return to Washington next week.

The confirmation hearing process for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett will go on as planned, however, with the Senate Judiciary Committee convening on Oct. 12, McConnell said. 

“The Senate’s floor schedule will not interrupt the thorough, fair, and historically supported confirmation process previously laid out by Chairman Graham,” he said.

McConnell, R-Ky., also said that “all Republican members of the committee will participate in these important hearings,” which can be done virtually. 

Sens. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., and Mike Lee, R-Utah, two members of the panel, announced Friday that they tested positive for the coronavirus. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., who does not sit on the committee, announced Saturday that he, too, has tested positive for the disease.

Trump’s physician raises questions over diagnosis timeline

Dr. Sean Conley raised some significant questions as to when President Donald Trump was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

“He’s 72 hours into his diagnosis now,” Conley said Saturday morning.

However, it has only been 36 hours since Trump notified the public that he had tested positive. According to Conley’s timeline, Trump would have been diagnosed sometime Wednesday.

If Conley’s timeline holds, it would mean Trump withheld his diagnosis from the public for more than 24 hours and that he attended a private fundraiser at his New Jersey resort Thursday afternoon and a campaign rally in Minnesota on Wednesday knowing he was ill.

Doctors say no estimated date for when Trump can leave hospital

“I don’t want to put a hard date on that,” President Donald Trump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, said Saturday morning when asked by reporters when the president could be discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Conley emphasized that Trump was doing “well” but, given the course of the illness, it was too soon to say if the president was out of the woods.

Attorney General William Barr tests negative this morning

Attorney General William Barr was tested for coronavirus again Saturday morning and, according to a Justice Department spokesperson, tested negative.

Chris Christie, who helped Trump prep for debate, tests positive for coronavirus

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tested positive for the coronavirus, he confirmed on Twitter on Saturday, after having spent days helping President Donald Trump prepare for Tuesday’s debate. 

Christie is the latest in a series of current and former officials who were near Trump in the past week to test positive for the disease. He told ABC News on Friday that during debate preparation with Trump, no one wore masks, including himself and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has said he tested negative on Friday.

Christie, who is overweight, was hospitalized in 2011 after having a severe asthma attack.


Trump has been ‘fever-free’ for over 24 hours, hasn’t need supplemental oxygen at hospital

President Donald Trump has been fever-free for over 24 hours and has not needed supplemental oxygen since being hospitalized, his doctors told reporters outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. 

“It’s important to note the president has been fever-free for over 24 hours. We remain cautiously optimistic. But he’s doing great,” said Dr. Sean Conley, the White House physician for the president. 

Conley said his medical team is “extremely happy with the progress the president has made.”

“Thursday, he had a mild cough and some nasal congestion and fatigue, all of which are now resolving and improving,” he said.

Dr. Sean Dooley told reporters, “We have monitored his cardiac function, his kidney function is, his liver function, all of those are normal. And the president this morning is not on oxygen, not having difficulty breathing or walking around the White House medical unit upstairs.”

Asked if the president has needed oxygen, Conley said, “He’s not on oxygen right now. That’s right.” 

Pressed again to answer the question, Conley only said, “He’s not needed any this morning at all. That’s right.”

Conley did not say whether the president previously needed supplemental oxygen or if he had any lung damage.

Pence still planning to travel to Utah for vice presidential debate

Mike Pence is still planning to travel to Salt Lake City on Monday ahead of the vice presidential debate against Sen. Kamala Harris on Wednesday, two White House officials tell NBC News.

Pence is then set to hold a campaign event in Peoria, Arizona, on Thursday, the day after the debate.

President Donald Trump was originally scheduled to campaign in Arizona on Monday and Tuesday, before canceling due to his positive Covid-19 diagnosis.

Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence both test negative this morning

Both Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence, have been tested again this morning for the coronavirus and received negative test results, a White House official told NBC News.

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