Tufted wall art is the next decor trend of 2022 – here’s why

Tufted wall art is set to become the next big home decor trend this year, with people across the globe looking to add quirky hand-woven pieces to their homes. 

Etsy has seen a staggering 172% increase in searches for tufted wall art in the last three months. After browsing some of the fabulous designs available online, it’s not hard to see why.

There are plenty of wall decor ideas you can choose from, but we’d recommend joining the tufted art hype now to add more color and texture to your home. Fluffy tapestries, as well as mirrors and photo frames lined with cotton and wool can add a homey touch to your space, and make your room feel more inviting. 

Tufted wall art hanging with geometric pattern

Wall hanging from GroovyLittleMama

(Image credit: GroovyLittleMama)

Why is there a tufted wall art hype?