The 10 best garden hoses you need for 2022

Let’s be real — the warm weather is essentially here, you’re getting your outdoor oasis ready with the best gardening tools and patio furniture and about to whip out your lawn mower for freshly manicured grass.

So, much like you need a outdoor fire pit to make s’mores this summer or an outdoor heater to utilize your patio this spring, you’ll also need a quality garden hose to make life easier when tending to your full blooms (perhaps with these floral gardening gloves).

Don’t get us wrong, we love our indoor herb garden (read our Click and Grow review), but that long, sturdy garden hose is what you need for watering your fresh produce and even filling up your inflatable hot tub.

To help you get into full gear this spring, read on for the top 10 garden hoses we rounded up — reliable, no-frills options you can click instantly to add to your cart.

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An Amazon best-seller, Flexillas Garden Lean-In Hose has nearly 60,000 rave reviews, much ado for its wide range of size options and its lightweight, flexible design that can lie flat to eliminate kinking under pressure. Plus, its abrasion-resistant exterior is a nice touch for your hard, ensuring it will last for years of gardening.

Flexi Hose Expandable Garden Hose

For just $50 right now, Flexi Hose has a lightweight, high-pressure-resistant garden hose that ranges from a 50 ft. size ($50) to a 150 ft. size ($80). Its solid brass connectors ensure its expanding water pipe fits garden taps typical in the U.S., too, also coming with ergonomic, no-slip handles for comfort.

Vieneci Flexible Garden Hose, black

For a budget buy that’s still reliable, pick up Vieneci’s Flexible Garden Hose. This model ranges from 25 ft. ($30) to 100 ft. ($41) in size, with its 10-function nozzle and strong polyester fabric cover making it one of the most effective and durable options we’ve seen.

Flexon Supreme Duty Premium Watering Hose

Lowe’s is the Toys R Us for home improvement, so there’s no surprise the retailer’s Flexon Supreme Duty Premium Watering Hose made the cut. Made with kink-stop technology and reinforced hardware, the thin yet sturdy hose is worth the grab for just $33.

The Indestructible Stainless Steel Hose
Hammacher Schlemmer

If you consider yourself a gardener (or, don’t want to have to worry about replacing your garden hose for years), you may want to splurge on the Indestructible Stainless Steel Hose. Unlike flimsier models, this one is constructed with 304 stainless steel alloy that even withstands being crushed by a car. It even resists outdoor UV rays, remaining cool to the touch when in use.

Bionic Steel Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Garden Hose
Ace Hardware

For a less expensive option, Bionic Steel’s Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Garden Hose has that stainless steel exterior that’s rust-free, burst-free and kink-free, while also being lightweight. It’s adorned by brass fittings on either side and is one of the most durable we’ve seen for the price.

Gilmour Reinforced Rubber Hose, red

Add some color to your outdoor space with Gilmour’s Reinforced Rubber Hose. If you’re just looking for an extension to your water spout that does the job and will last quite a bit, this one’s your winner.

Giraffe Tools Leakproof Garden Hose, black

Extra-wide and extra-sturdy, Giraffe Tools has a phenomenal garden hose that’s leakproof and fairly priced. Not to mention, it comes in a 10 ft. size ($25) for smaller spaces and ranges all the way to 100 ft. ($71) for larger yards.

HydroTech Burst-Proof Expandable Garden Hose, green

HydroTech’s Burst-Proof Expandable Garden Hose comes with a heavy-duty brass valve, a patent-pending Force Control Technology to protect the water hose from bursting and a tough ABS connector to resist rust and create a tight seal for the spigot. What’s more, it’s even mold- and mildew-resistant, making it a fabulous buy for less than $50.

Sunyoue 100 ft. Expandable Garden Hose, aqua

We love blue (and quality garden hoses) so, naturally, we had to include Sunyoue’s 100 ft. Expandable Garden Hose to this list. With an ergonomic nozzle and lightweight design, it’s a great select to add to your Amazon cart.

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