Stunning ways to incorporate mirrors in your wedding decor to make it glam

Beyond all the conventional elements of wedding décor like foliage, floras, shimmery lights, candles and lamps there’s one element that is making its way to wedding décor these days. The pretty mirrors! Well, yes, you read that precisely! Mirrors are a new element that can dazzle up your wedding décor and a lot of decorators have been incorporating pieces of mirror work in the wedding décor for quite a while now. And boy oh boy! Infusing mirror elements can amp up your décor element aesthetically while affixing an unparalleled opulence and grace.

Here are stunning ways to incorporate mirrors in your wedding décor to make it damn glam.

Mirror aisle

Wedding aisles have been touted for incorporating a glamorous feel to your nuptials. Not only does it add an undeniable grace to the overall décor but it also reflects the amazing lighting and other elements, further converting your walkaway into more magical and dreamy. To enchant the décor what you can do is cover the roof with floras or stunning lighting so that it imitates the mirror floor and leave space for pixie pictures.

Ceiling mirror

The uninteresting ceiling can break your entire wedding décor. While the strings of flowers and big bells have gone a little old-fashioned, disco balls with mesh mirror is the perfect way to add all the glitz and glamour to smarten up the night wedding. Moreover, choose the colours as per your theme and other elements. If you have a subtle theme, then you can deck up the ceiling with electrifying silver mirror work while if you have a jazzed-up theme, then opt for delicate golden mirrors. If you don’t want to go overboard, then you can also prefer a surreal ceiling with a cascade of mirror strings.

Ceiling mirror work

Mirror mandap

Mandaps are a way to curate those unforgettable pictures while making your vows and “I Do” more mystic. Therefore, adorning the mandap beautifully and unconventionally will accentuate your wedding photographs like no other. Cover the pillars with mirrors or you can also choose a particular shape for your mandap and cover it all with mirrors. Give it a refreshing twist by matching pop colour elements to make the complete look like a million bucks! You can also affix silver rod dangles and pair them well with the abundance of red florals for added beauty. 

Mirror ornamentations on the wall

Another way to incorporate mirrors is by twisting them with the décor behind your seat and covert them in all cool and jazz form for all the Insta-worthy pictures. A seating of you and your love that has all the fairy-tale vibe sets a magical setting to exchange jaimala and to click thousands of pictures with your guests. All wrapped up in the beauty of small adornments of the mirror, this type of backdrop will look extravagant and whimsical. You can throw in mirrors at random places and fill in the gaps between these mirrors with beaut red roses. You can also give hints of mirrors on the pillars embraced in flowers to make the décor alike and that mirror, mirror on the wall will definitely complement your ambiance. 


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