No One Will Buy the ‘American Murder’ House Where Chris Watts Killed His Wife

The Colorado home where Chris Watts strangled his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, back in 2018 is currently in “limbo” after no one’s tried to buy it.

a person holding a baby posing for the camera: Shanann Watts (L) and daughters Bella and Celeste were murdered by father Chris Watts (R) in 2018.

© Shanann Watts
Shanann Watts (L) and daughters Bella and Celeste were murdered by father Chris Watts (R) in 2018.

Featured in Netflix’s new documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door, the Watts home housed the couple and their two young daughters, Celeste (3) and Bella (4), until Watts killed his wife and children. Now, Watts still legally owns the property, which sits empty, even though he’s currently imprisoned in Wisconsin serving three consecutive life sentences.

Immediately after Watts’ sentencing, the five-bedroom house went into foreclosure. That means because Watts wasn’t making mortgage payments, the home became the property of the mortgage lender. But they didn’t keep hold of the foreclosure, according to After many failed auctions, in which no one wanted to buy the Watts home (understandably so), it was taken out of foreclosure. This means, legally, Watts is still the owner of the family home.

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So can you buy the Watts home? Not right now, it appears. The home is currently listed as “off the market,” apparently because it’s in such an odd place legally. A listing from says the home, located in Frederick, Colorado, is worth an estimated $648,100. Zillow has a lower estimate of $595,349. Both of these seemingly aren’t accounting for the murder—rather, they’re going off of the general prices in the neighborhood.


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What’s next for the property? Well, Watts’ home will sit vacant until another creditor attempts to put the home into foreclosure, according to bankruptcy attorney Clark Dray, who works out of Denver.

But in the close-knit community where the Watts family lived, it seems very unlikely that anyone will step in to buy the property, knowing the full story. spoke to an appraiser, Orell Anderson, who suggested the house will only sell with a 15- to 25-percent discount, given the horrendous crimes.

For those who don’t know the story or haven’t seen Netflix’s American Murder: The Family Next Door, Watts was having an affair before he decided to murder his pregnant wife. In his retelling of the night, he claims that he told her he didn’t love her anymore before he strangled her. Watts then drove the body of his wife, along with his two living daughters, to a remote oil field. He then suffocated the children. Their bodies were placed inside an oil tank, while Shanann was buried in a shallow grave nearby.

Watts originally denied involvement in the killings. Then, he changed his story to state that Shanann had killed her daughters. The truth later came out, that Watts was responsible for all of their deaths, and he’s serving consecutive life sentences in prison without parole.

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