New La Jolla beach bathrooms plagued by problems

LA JOLLA, Calif. (KGTV) – People in La Jolla say a new bathroom and shower facility at Scripps Park has a few design flaws.

“I think these should have been caught earlier and could have been prevented,” says Bob Evans, the president of La Jolla Parks and Beaches.

The city spent $5 million on the project, which has been under construction since 2019. Evans calls it a welcome addition to the area, but his group would like the city to fix a few issues.

Their biggest issue, according to Evans, is privacy. The design allows a clear line of sight from the street into the men’s and women’s changing rooms.

“As soon as the fences came down, that was the first thing we noticed,” he says. “You don’t realize the openness of the change rooms until you walk into it, and it’s wide open!”

In the months since it opened, they’ve noticed other problems as well. Evans says the drains on the showers clog easily, and runoff leads to a muddy mess in the grass around the pavilion.

He also says the grass has become dried out and trampled from crowds. Evans believes that will get worse as crowds arrive for the summer.

“When summertime comes around, these showers are going to be constantly in use and there’s going to be lots of water, lots of drainage going off into the grass,” says Evans.

City officials say they’re aware of the issues and hope to fix them. In a statement, City Councilmember Joe LaCava, who represents La Jolla, told ABC 10News “I am aware of and have been working with the director of the City’s Engineering & Capital Projects Department and the Mayor’s Office to swiftly rectify the privacy and water runoff issues at Scripps Park Pavilion.”

Evans says he understands it takes time to work through the government’s purchasing and requisition steps. He’s hopeful it can be a quick fix, especially when it comes to people’s privacy.

“We’re a destination for scenic and natural beauty. That’s not the scenic beauty we’re looking for,” he says.