Interior tips: How to paint kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is an affordable and simple way to rejuvenate a kitchen using very few tools. Homeowners need just paint, primer, sandpaper, a screw driver and a paint brush to get the job done. The first job homeowners need to do is remove any cupboard or drawer handles.

These can either remain the same, be replaced with another style or sprayed a different colour to go with the new kitchen theme.

Next, it’s time to give those surfaces a clean down.

For this, homeowners should use a sugar soap solution and a cloth.

Craig Phillips, brand ambassador for Frenchic paint shared some of his top tips for painting kitchen cupboards.

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The sanding should only lightly score the surface, no matter the material of the surface.

A gentle sand with fine sandpaper or a sanding pad should do the job.

Once sanded, give the surface a wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any dust and allow to dry.

Apply primer to the entire surface you want to paint and allow it to dry for around four to six hours.

Repeat this step for all surfaces you are planning to paint.

If you’re doing two sides of a door, allow one side to dry before priming the other.

To apply the paint, homeowners can either use a paint brush or a spray tool.

When using a brush, apply one coat of the paint evenly to the entire surface and ensure the brush strokes all flow in the same direction for a smoother finish.

Mr Phillips suggested if you’re painting a surface with a grain, to always brush with the grain rather than against it.

Allow the paint to dry for the appropriate drying time (the paint tin should state).

Next, apply a second coat of the paint and allow it to dry again for the appropriate time.

Once fully dry, reattach any handles and return them to their original position.