Interior: Neutral colours can make rooms seem ‘larger and more spacious’ – ‘timeless feel’

Over the last two years, many people have moved home in search of more indoor and outdoor space. However, with house prices on the rise, many have also renovated their current homes. According to one expert, using neutral colours is the way to go, making rooms appear bigger.

Ryan McDonough, in-house interior design expert at MyJobQuote, told “Minimalist and natural is good for giving a timeless feel that won’t go out of style and increasing the feeling of space.

“Choose light, neutral colours that will not go out of trend in the same way something bolder might.

Light colours can also help to accentuate light.

According to the expert this can make “rooms feel larger and more spacious”.

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According to the interior design expert, neutral colours and simple furniture will make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there.

It will also make the property seem more spacious for the prospective buyers.

Ryan added: “To take this a step further, if you are looking to sell, it is a good idea to remove personal effects to again help buyers picture it as their home.”

This includes personal photograph frames.

“Furniture can be used to partially block or enclosed spaces to give distinct areas. Use furniture in a way that does not impede movement or clutter a space but still sections it out, for example, sofas can be arranged to form a distinct sitting area.

“Colour can also be used to create different areas. Bold and block colours can distinguish between different spaces and uses.

“For example, warm colours may be used in a sitting area, whereas something more natural could be used in a workspace.”

This also goes for textures where clean and modern may be preferable in a work space or eating area and soft textures such as carpets and throws in living areas.