How to clean glass shower doors: so they are streak-free

Knowing how to clean glass shower doors may seem like a tedious task. However, with the right advice, this process doesn’t need to feel so mundane – and you can achieve a spotless space that will elevate your bathroom – without too investing much time at all.

If you’re looking for niche advice on how to clean a bathroom, this expert-approved technique is one of the most transformative of them all. 

How to clean your glass shower door without streaks

Luxury walk-in shower designed by Drummonds

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These spotless cleaning tips will leave you with a glass shower door that is free from a buildup of products – with a glistening finish. This advice does differ from cleaning a window or cleaning a mirror without streaks because of that product buildup; you will need different techniques and cleaning kit. Here’s how to clean glass shower doors, the professional way.

1. Prepare for cleaning with water 

green bathroom shower with green marble dual shower wooden shower doors

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The glass cleaning experts at Hillarys recommend preparing the shower door glass for cleaning by spraying it with lukewarm water. They suggest using a spray bottle (such as this bottle from Amazon) that will also be handy later – so it’s worth the small investment. ‘If you find it easier, you can also just splash the glass with a small bucket or jug of water,’ they say. Or of course, if you have a hand-held shower attachment, you can use that.

2. Clean glass shower doors with vinegar

Luxury walk-in shower designed by Drummonds

(Image credit: Drummonds / Anouska Tamony Designs)

Did you know that glass shower doors are amongst the things you can clean with vinegar? The experts at Hillarys suggest that it is the best way to achieve a streak-free clean. ‘Refill your spray bottle with white vinegar and use it thoroughly to saturate the whole shower glass,’ they say.