Going dark for your home decor | Josephine

When Paige Lawson told her sister she was painting the dining room walls black, she could hear the astonishment in her silence.

“I’ve always been a little different so this wasn’t really too surprising,” Lawson said.

The St. Joseph woman said it’s a common reaction when people find out she has black walls. There’s the initial assumptions that she’s Gothic, anti-religious, creepy or whatever pops in the minds of those who wouldn’t dare paint such a dark color.

The truth is, Lawson is none of those things. In fact, despite the black walls, her home is bright, airy and full of character and charm.

The graphic designer and Sunday school teacher said black has always been one of her favorite neutrals. She utilized the largest wall in her dining room to be the focal point – black. The other walls are white and her home boasts gorgeous large baseboards and trim known in Craftsman-style architecture. The white trim, coupled with lots of gold details, actually softens the black wall and showcases an abundance of black-and-white family pictures.

“The best part is that black wall was the centerpiece connecting all of my black trim and doors throughout the rest of the home,” Lawson said. “Black is not scary. It’s actually the best color to take advantage of. Dark baseboards and trim actual show less scuff marks.”

Black accents are found throughout the Lawson home. From black, modern frames, light fixtures and throw pillows to checkerboard patterned laundry room floors and a black-framed mirror or two. The overall feel of the home is anything from spooky.

“In fact, I think it’s a perfect mash-up of mid-century modern and vintage,” Lawson said. “I mean, I’m no designer but I think it all blends well.”

Lots of home decor trends this year have featured black ensembles. From black-and-white striped rugs with pops of greenery to black cabinetry and sofas.

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