George Hallenbeck For CT House District 146

STAMFORD, CT — The 2020 election is heating up in Connecticut and there are plenty of races with candidates eager to serve in elected office. Eyes are primarily focused on the presidential election, but every state representative and senate seat is up for grabs. All five of Connecticut’s congressional seats are up for grabs as well.

There are 151 seats in the state House of Representatives and 36 in the state Senate. Democrats currently hold majorities in both chambers with a 91 to 60 lead over Republicans in the House and a 22 to 14 lead in the Senate.

Connecticut Patch asked candidates to answer questions about their campaigns and will be publishing candidate profiles as election day draws near.

George Hallenbeck, a Stamford resident, is running for House of Representatives District 146.

Age: 78

Party affiliation: Republican Party

Family: Married, with one son married and living in Texas.

Occupation: Retired Telecommunications Manager, Volunteer Boating Teacher for over 40 years

Previous elected experience: National Rear Commander USPS, local Past Commander

Family members in government: No

Campaign website: [email protected]

The single most pressing issue facing our state is _______, and this is what I intend to do about it.

Getting state finances back on track without increasing taxes with responsible spending.

What are the critical differences between you and the other candidates seeking this post?

Have owned a small business in CT and I know the challenges we face in CT. Lifelong volunteer boating teacher and community volunteer.

What accomplishments in your past would you cite as evidence you can handle this job?

Besides owning my own company and ran a 250-person volunteer organization,

Do you believe Connecticut needs reform when it comes to electric utility oversight? What steps, if any should be taken?

Yes, I support the governors recently passed utility oversight bill. Would like to see this taken one step further with competition.

What steps should state government take to bolster economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic for local businesses?

Follow the CDC guidelines and open as much as possible with only selective restrictions.

List other issues that define your campaign platform:

What else would you like voters to know about yourself and your positions?

Part of the Republican team seeking to rebuild Connecticut.

This article originally appeared on the Stamford Patch

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