Decor styles you must embrace if you fancy a Romantic vineyard wedding

Right from fatty functions to exchanging rings to taking vows, a wedding is the most vital (and of course most photographed) thing in your life. And a perfect décor adds up to the beauty of your most important day while aiding in cultivating memorable pictures. When it comes to the wedding venue, something is soothing and lively about going green with an open vineyard space to amplify the entire scene! Vineyard weddings are embracing their way back into the wedding diaspora and right from adding bohemian elements, and subtle pieces of decoration to a hint of fairy lights you can make your vineyard wedding more romantic and enchanted while giving the whole venue a refreshingly fresh look.

Here are decor styles you must embrace if you fancy a Romantic vineyard wedding

Tropical drapes with fairy lights

While the pastel floral touch is always considered best to add a touch of whimsy to the wedding décor, tropical white curtains with fairy lights over the roof is something unique that is making its way into the culture of fairylike decor. Tie the white curtains or drapes on the pillars or on the roof and balance the whole décor with similar fairy lights throughout. A big chandelier and fairy lights all around are the perfect way to create an impressive and illusory décor. While finalising the details of the dream-like setup, make sure to go with neutral tones for a breathtaking view.

Statement greens

As soon as you hear the word vineyard, you must think about the boring and monotonous lush greens? Isn’t it? Well, we can’t deny the greenery will be there but how to appear it in your wedding venue is completely up to you. To make the landscape more beautiful and magical, simply transform the greens with a splash of elements like lanterns, bells and big yellow bulbs.

Statement greens

Wood aisle with petals

Your entrance should be grand and your walkway plays a huge role in transforming your entrance into more magical. Do adorn your altar with statement-making elements and you can keep the aisle minimal yet chic. A wooden walkway with flower petals all around has its own undeniable charm. You can also tie fairy lights on both sides of the aisle to make it dreamlike.

Wood aisle with petals

Foliage and rose-covered altar

A foliage-covered altar with a hint of roses works charmingly for your next-level “I do” space. If you are going with some shape inspired altar, then you can cover pillars in greens for a tropical mandap adorned with big fancy luminosities over the roof. Change and shape the texture of the foliage as per your requirement and complement everything with the colour palette to depict an eye-catchy and splendid statement. What’s more? Once your vows are done, you can use them as the beautiful backdrop for your stunning newlywed pictures.

Rose Covered altar


To give the better together message in an extremely unique way, use a fancily decorated backdrop with the floras. Adorn the backdrop with quirky lighting as per the theme. All things mystical and floral made the place pretty for photographs and lifetime memories. Also, you can insert the initials of your name to give it a personal touch.

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