Commercial kitchen faucets: choosing the right option

When it comes to picking a faucet among available options for your commercial workplace, there are a couple of things to consider before making a purchase. You must buy only a drip-free, durable product that saves water and will serve you for years since the kitchen staff usually use commercial faucets kitchen intensively. Commercial faucets are wear-and-tear resistant and can withstand daily usage, delivering great look and performance. You can select among an array of finishes, colors, and sizes. Thus, before making any decision, go through the pros and cons of each offer, analyze the key features, and find the right faucets for your needs.

Most of the commercial kitchen faucets are easy to use and install. It helps to wash huge utensils and dishes quickly and efficiently. Also, commercial products have a long reach that makes it even more comfortable to rinse pots and pans. It is possible to fill large kitchen vessels and any containers easily in just a matter of seconds. It significantly facilitates and simplifies the procedure of cooking, serving, and rinsing due to its functionality. Investing in a solid and reliable construction from verified manufacturers, you may not worry about future damages and leaks.

Aspects to consider when buying commercial kitchen faucets

Faucet handles types. The task of the handle is to control the water flow. You have to choose the type that suits both functionality needs and design beauty. It can be 4-arm handles, wrist faucet handles, lever handles, etc.

Material. Commercial kitchen faucets come in different materials such as copper, bronze, or brass. However, the most widely used choice for restaurants and cafes are stainless steel due to its undeniably excellent performance, ideal mechanical properties, long lifespan, rust and corrosion resistance, mold, mildew, and fungus resistance, good temperature performance. Moreover, simple cleaning makes stainless steel faucets indispensable equipment at busy kitchens.

Pick the right size. Always do precise measurements (dimensions of the sink bowl, length and height of the spout, etc.), as the wrong-sized faucet can become a real obstacle on the way of executing kitchen routine tasks.

Find your match among kitchen faucets commercial styles. You may also consider pre-rinse faucets to wash off food remains and debris, a gooseneck option for fast and simple huge pots filling, double-jointed wall-mount for optimizing space and boost kitchen personnel performance.

Caring for commercial faucet kitchen types is the key to longevity

First of all, any faucet is prone to hard water staining. Daily and regular care will help to get rid of unpleasant limescale signs and keep equipment fresh and shining. Affected by hard water deposits area is possible to clean by mixing white vinegar and water. In case the vinegar-water mixture won’t cope with all stains, add some baking soda to create the paste and try to scrub the marks off with a brush. In addition, the staff should wipe the faucet with a soft close and soapy water every day, avoiding abrasive cleaners, to remove accumulated dirt, gunk, and debris.

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