5 kitchen trends to avoid: 5 features to rethink in 2022

Design decisions are important in every room of the home, but never more so than in the kitchen. The space where you cook, dine, and also entertain needs to be practical – but also stylish. But more than that, the fixtures and fittings are incredibly expensive and difficult to change once installed. So knowing which kitchen trends to avoid, which are just passing fads to be resisted is essential to ensure your space stays in vogue for seasons to come. 

Kitchen trends, like all trends, are a provocative talking point amongst designers. Most good designers will tell you to avoid ‘trends’ and choose timeless, proven design features for a classic scheme that endures. That said, some trends are worth taking note of, because they showcase the newest kitchen ideas, innovations and materials. But while some features may look great in some spaces, others may need some reconsideration.