4 Wall decor ideas to revitalize your home

There are so many reasons to love gallery walls, and while it may have seemed like a passing trend at one point, this beautiful way of displaying prints and photos has become a home decor look that is clearly here to stay. Not only does a well-laid gallery wall allow you to display all of your favourite prints at once, but it can add endless visual interest to any room.

Below, gain 4 inspiration ideas from some of the most well put together gallery walls. 

1. Create a gallery wall

Nothing adds more flair and colour to a room than a gallery wall. Showcase a collection of paintings or photographs, or incorporate wall hangings and other artifacts. Choose simple, cohesive frames or a variety of intricate alternatives to spice things up! You can even extend the gallery wall all the way to the ceiling to give the impression of a larger area.

paint the wall

2. Paint the wall

Begin by imagining how you want the finished project to look, and keep in mind that you aren’t limited to four walls or a whole room in the same hue. Consider painting an accent wall a bright colour or accentuating mouldings in a contrasting colour or gloss. Don’t forget to take a look up to check whether the ceiling could use a makeover as well.

3. Show off a fabric

A tapestry or wall hanging can give a splash of colour, pattern, and comfort to a neutral area. Think of framing old scarves or other lovely textiles. When it comes time to relocate, these are far convenient to carry than framed paintings.

high floor ceiling wall

4. Floor to ceiling gallery wall

Something about a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall like this automatically lifts our spirits. While this idea may be too ambitious for some of us, it is a fantastic way to fill a lot of empty space while also adding endless visual appeal to any area. You’ll never grow bored of looking at your gallery wall if there’s always something new to look at.

There are no limits to gallery walls. Try any of these ideas to make your gallery walls look unique!

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