$300 DIY Ugly Bathroom Makeover Stuns the Internet

Everyone’s got that one room in their house that’s just plain ugly. And, whenever you consider doing something about it, the task at hand feels like it’ll be too expensive and difficult.

But, perhaps you should take some leaf from the book of Lynné Rivers (@dimplesdiva on Tiktok), whose recent $300 DIY bathroom makeover video has gone viral.

The video begins with footage of the old bathroom, looking very tired, with janky tiling and unpalatable wallpaper. Captions read “I tried to spruce it up, But adding to it just made the Mitch-matchery Worse! [sic]” and “Couldn’t stand Looking at it Another minute!”

Then Rivers gets to work. Pictures show the floor being pulled up and paint being poured into a tray. Captions list all the items that Rivers used, along with their cost: Blue coal paint for $24, primer for $18, polycrylic for $9, paint trays for $2, paint rollers for $5, and graphite gray paint for $15.

Someone holding a drill machine, with a tool belt around their waist, prepares to get started on a DIY project.

The camera then spins to show the bathroom being painted and decorated, along with the “Did the work All by myself!” Rivers goes on to replace the old medicine cabinet. For this step, she used: A 2×4 for $7, some drywall for $11, spackle for $9, and L-brackets for $8.

Finally, the new bathroom is revealed, colored in sleek gray, black, and blue. Rivers decorated the bathroom with: Crystal curtain rings for $9, silver tassels for $8, crystal wall art for $20, chrome curtain rods for $14, navy curtains for $32, shower liner for $7, faceless wall art $0 (she made it herself on Canva), a mirror for $39, some rugs for $10, towel rods for $28, crystal vanity knobs for $10, and brushed nickel knobs for $11. She also spent $13 on new flooring.

“How’d I do? Leave a comment,” the final caption reads. Unsurprisingly, the comments are full of rapturous praise.

User @JoyceCramer wrote, “Super Classy Transformation deserves a page in Good House Keeping Magazine.”

Similarly, @MACPI commented, “Looks like a career path to me!”

In a cheeky response, @jackjack10143 posited, “What you doing next weekend… My bathroom is screaming for help!! Stunning!”

While Rivers did a particularly good job, she’s far from the only one who’s been engaging in some DIY lately, according to a survey conducted by The Hanover Insurance Group.

The survey, which polled over 2,000 Americans, asked about major life changes that people had undergone as a result of the pandemic. Some kind of home renovation was the most common life change respondents experienced (54 percent), with kitchen and bathroom remodels being the most common choices (68 percent).

But Rivers’ video shows that she rises above the rest when it comes to quality on a budget.

User @Ria Dodson250 certainly thought so, writing, “you did a fabulous job queen.”

Newsweek reached out to @dimplesdiva for comment.