13 Things Interior Designer Jake Arnold Would Buy Again

Nicki Sebastian

Need some shopping inspiration? In Lucky 13, fashion tastemakers share the 13 items they’re loving so much, they’d hit “Add to Cart” twice.

Airy plaster walls, rattan accent pieces, and an indoor-outdoor through line: these are a few calling cards of interior designer Jake Arnold, whom Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Rashida Jones, and Katy Perry have all trusted to furnish their homes.

Arnold’s sensibility mixes classic influences from his upbringing in London with the relaxed and laid-back energy of his current home in Los Angeles—and design instincts that resemble plain good fashion sense. Creating a visually striking, yet inviting space is “like the balance of wearing a leather jacket or silk shirt with jeans: mixing the high and low elements and materiality that you wouldn’t typically put together,” he tells BAZAAR.com.

Whether he’s translating his aesthetic into a chic Parachute home goods line or curating vintage furniture for his interiors advice service, The Expert, Arnold’s work always balances the livable with the covetable. The best spaces, he says, have duality: “You can have a room that is amazing and high impact and feels artfully designed, but it has to feel cozy and comfortable–otherwise, you’ll never spend time there,” he says.

You’ll never hear Arnold cite Instagram as inspiration for his favorite rooms. “With anything in life, creating a paint by numbers in a space isn’t personal,” he explains. “It’s all about how it feels in person, not just what it looks like in a photo.”

To turn a house into a real home, “a big part is buying things that you love and feel a connection to,” he continues. Ahead, Arnold shares 13 things that resonate in his space and his clients’, from his favorite vintage armchairs to painterly ceramic plates.

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x Jake Arnold Striped Vintage Linen Bed Cover

“I’ve been using Parachute sheets for clients for years. When they approached me and discussed working together, it felt very natural. I wanted to give my take on comfort and move away from the white sheets and airy materiality that you see in most of their products. I love to switch out linens in the summer months. This linen bed cover is perfect for warm nights and the vintage stripe is an easy, unisex neutral.”

“This is our go-to for setting the mood during our home installs. The amber glass holder looks pretty in every room, the scent is amazing, and it creates the perfect vibe.”


Adrien Audoux and Frida Minet Bamboo Sideboard

“In most of the homes we design, we always create a place for a bamboo or rattan moment. It really comes back to the idea of mixing high, luxe materials like velvet mohair with rattan, wicker, and bamboo. A lot of the projects we’re working on at the moment bring in those elements because they blend so nicely with other materials. With rattan and those types of textures, they make a space feel more relaxed and lean into the sensibility of an easy, approachable space.”


Arizona Shearling Slide

“I know there’s a whole thing where people are obsessed with Birkenstocks, but I had never worn them. Then my creative director bought them for me for my birthday. These are my new favorite slippers—for around the house, and out and about in LA. I also wear them when I travel. They’re my number one shoe.”


4/4 Pendant by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen

“This is special because it’s all glass with a brass rim. It’s really unique to [Poul’s] designs. I saw this as a piece you could have over a dining table. I like to play with scale when it comes to dining fixtures. Having pendants that are smaller scale over a large dining table can be really beautiful. It can also be a semi-flush mount in a hallway or a vestibule—it’s flexible and can go pretty much anywhere.”


x Jake Arnold Printed Linen Robe

“I’m leaning a lot more into prints in the work that we’re doing. For me, creatively, it’s an evolution of doing things that are still warm, neutral, and timeless, but also injecting a level of depth into a space by using print. People are either print people or solids, and I think this print speaks to a lot of people because it’s so neutral and almost tonal. I love this for lounging at home and even as a beach coverup. “


Oriente Italiano Dinner Plate

“These are classic investment china that will never tire. I’m really drawn to things that feel a little elaborate. There’s a richness to it. None of these expensive things are meant to be treated preciously. The perfect set-up for me would be a beautiful 18th-century wooden table with these plates. Mixing those styles is what makes it beautiful.”


Plaster Shell Uplighter

“I love a contemporary plaster moment in a home. These can work in homes with a range of different styles of architecture and furnishings.”


Hotel Classic Bath Sheet

“When I stay in hotels, I’ll look up: What mattress is that? What bedding in this? What throw is that? That touch is part of that amazing experience. When you travel, you get to find things you love. Where I was staying in London over the holidays had these Frette towels. I love a classic, traditional towel that’s very plush and not the thin, trendy waffle towels that you hang on the wall. These are dream towels, a worthy splurge in my opinion.”

“An elevated take on a classic wine glass. They decorate the table or a bar with a subtle touch of sophistication.”


Easy Chair by Carl Malmsten

“With a lot of the upholstery pieces, my choices are really deliberate and trying to lean into print, but finding the balance of prints that feel interesting but can stand the test of time. These have the high-low mix of something that’s more formal and put-together with something that feels almost English countryside. It’s comfortable and inviting, but also interesting. They’re great in a bedroom or a breakfast room—they have a lot of leeway.”

“We’ve used these in a few of our projects. I love the earthy feeling of them and we buy them in sets of 5 or 7 for a beautiful dining table.”


Scent of Marihuana Liquid Soap

“I think someone bought this for me as a gift. This soap looks chic and smells amazing. I love the boldness of the typography and the bottle. It’s the perfect accent for a powder room.”

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